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​I  received my first shepherd puppy when I was 11 years old, more then 30 years ago and was fascinated by this breed ever since. The modern German Shepherd is a dog of unparalleled intelligence and beauty. Well bred, and well trained shepherds are friendly, playful, gentle with kids, and adaptable to any change in their life. They get along with other dogs, cats, and all other pets which may share their home. They are extremely versatile and well rounded animals. They enjoy being family pets and will provide personal protection if necessary. They are able to enjoy both Conformation show and Shutzhund competition. 

 In order to have such a dog one must do their research and choose wisely as there are many different kinds of German Shepherds.

Some are bred by the AKC standard, where a beautiful flying gate matters the most, and very little attention is paid to personality and working ability. Others are bred by color: White Shepherds, by size: Miniature and Shiloh, working ability: little or no attention is given to the way they look. German Shepherds need constant exercise and training to be happy. They are extremely intelligent, active and love to work!
In my opinion, the best German Shepherds must be bred by German rules where attention is paid to Conformation (V,VA), Training (Sch I,II,III), healthy hips and elbows (A stamp), paternity test (DNA) and each dog must be entered into the German Stud book before being bred. Beauty and working ability carry the same weight.

  There is so much to love about French Bulldogs. They possess unparallelled devotion to their owner, an intelligent sense of humor and even tempered disposition. They are truly a "big dog in a small body", and nobody tells a Frenchie that he is small!
  They love people, and are the happiest when surrounded by their family. They'll join in every activity. They are easily trainable and they love water, but regretfully can not swim. They do not simply snore-they talk!